We offer training for all experience levels and have curriculums to match. 

At IAS we offer extremely cost effective Flight Training of a superior standard. Our curriculums are approved for various experience levels, training budgets and training requirements. Successful applicants will receive a full type rating and FAA ATP or Commercial License after completion of the course.

Our course options:


The initial step towards gaining an FAA ATP license is the ATP-CTP Course. This ensures the trainee is eligible to take the ATP Multi-Engine (ATM) knowledge test. The course duration is 7-days and prepares the pilot for success.

IAS is also now one of the only training centers able to offer the Ground Portion of this course Virtually via Instructor-Led Live classes, facilitated via ZOOM. These can be accomplished in the comfort and safety of your own home prior to traveling to our State-of-The-Art facilities in Miami for the remaining 2-Day simulator course.

We have been granted the approval to conduct and complete the course in-house, utilizing the excellence of IAS instructors and our own courseware. Please Contact us for course availability and pricing.

Distance Learning

Trainees are able to prepare in the comfort of their own home or while on trips, in advance of commencing the actual training event. Trainees will receive a login for a web-based computer based training program or an app for tablets, and complete the 40 hours training in their own time. Once they arrive at our facility, they will receive consolidation training on site, and preparation for the course by our qualified instructors.

Onsite Instructor led training

Trainees will receive a login for a web-based computer based training program or an app for tablets, and complete the 40 hours training in advance of the course. Classroom instruction and preparation for the training event once they arrive at our facilities. This is accomplished on site and will have a qualified instructor for guidance. 

Accelerated Curriculum

Dependent on the level of trainee experience, we have developed curriculums with the FAA for accelerated training, that takes experience into account to reduce the course footprint, timeline and cost.

Pre requisites for entry into the accelerated curriculum:

  • Holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) without limitations, either foreign or US or

  • Holds at least a Commercial Pilot Certificate with multiengine and instrument rating, and

  • The pilot has logged flight time (previous experience) and has been qualified in the aircraft type for which the rating is sought as Pilot-in-Command (PIC) or Second-in-Command (SIC) with a minimum of 500 hours in type, or is current (within 12 months) as PIC or SIC in this aircraft type. Contact us for more information, pricing and scheduling.